X-ray image of a backpackX-ray images for X-ray testing and Computer Vision

As a service to the X-ray testing and Computer Vision communities, we collected more than 21.100 X-ray images for the development, testing, and evaluation of image analysis and computer vision algorithms. The images are organized in this public database called GDXray+: The GRIMA X-ray database (GRIMA is the name of our Machine Intelligence Group at the Department of Computer Science of the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile). The X-ray images included in GDXray+ can be used free of charge, for research and educational purposes only. Redistribution and commercial use is prohibited. Any researcher reporting results which use this database should acknowledge the GDXray+ database by citing:

Mery, D.; Riffo, V.; Zscherpel, U.; Mondragón, G.; Lillo, I.; Zuccar, I.; Lobel, H.; Carrasco, M. (2015): GDXray: The database of X-ray images for nondestructive testing. Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation, 34.4:1-12. [ PDF ]

GDXray includes five groups of images, they can be downloaded from the following links

Each group has several series, and each series several X-ray images. For instance, series C0001 contains 72 X-ray images of an aluminum casting (wheel). See the mentioned paper for description.

* The X-ray images of group Welds are included in GDXray thanks to the collaboration of Uwe Zscherpel at Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), Berlin.