X-ray images for X-ray testing and Computer Vision

As a service to the X-ray testing and Computer Vision communities, we collected more than 19.400 X-ray images for the development, testing, and evaluation of image analysis and computer vision algorithms. The images are organized in this public database called GDXray: The GRIMA X-ray database (GRIMA is the name of our Machine Intelligence Group at the Department of Computer Science of the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile). The X-ray images included in GDXray can be used free of charge, for research and educational purposes only. Redistribution and commercial use is prohibited. Any researcher reporting results which use this database should acknowledge the GDXray database by citing:

Mery, D.; Riffo, V.; Zscherpel, U.; Mondragón, G.; Lillo, I.; Zuccar, I.; Lobel, H.; Carrasco, M. (2015): GDXray: The database of X-ray images for nondestructive testing. Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation, 34.4:1-12. [ PDF ]

GDXray includes five groups of images, they can be downloaded from the following links

Each group has several series, and each series several X-ray images. For instance, series C0001 contains 72 X-ray images of an aluminum casting (wheel). See the mentioned paper for description.

* The X-ray images of group Welds are included in GDXray thanks to the collaboration of Uwe Zscherpel at Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), Berlin.